Dubai Company Registration | Basic Regulations

Dubai Company Registration: Basic Regulations. Before starting the business registration process in Dubai, it is important to understand the legal forms of the company that you can register in Dubai. Depending on investor’s nationality, the business registration process and possibilities vary. We will try to explain the legal forms the businesses for Dubai company registration as below.

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RAK Offshore Company Formation | RAK Offshore Guide

RAK Offshore company formation allows foreign investors to register offshore companies with RAK Offshore. RAK Offshore is par of RAK Investment Authority (RAKIA) monitoring RAK offshore company formation. For an offshore company there is no need for a presence in the UAE. RAK Offshore is a complete solution that provides an offshore site for international businesses and

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Dubai Company Formation Guide

Advantages of Dubai company formation attract many investors and businessmen from all over the world to this vibrant city every year. Favorable business conditions in Dubai is one of the major reasons why investors from various origins and sectors consider company formation in Dubai. There are various options for Dubai company formation. The most ideal

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Costs and Considerations of Forming a Free Zone Company in Dubai

Dubai is the most favored destination for setting up a free zone company due to the business-oriented policy framework. The restrictions are liberal for foreign investors but there are several considerations that you must keep in mind before initiating the procedure of setting up a business in Dubai. The initial costs are the most important

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Ras Al Khaimah’s coveted Free Trade Zone offers companies a great business boost

The past few decades have seen scores of entrepreneurs migrate to the Gulf region to further their business interests with company formation in Emirati cities. One such bustling business Centre is RAK that is graced by a setting of complete political solidity coupled with trade and industry multiplicity. It is the formulation of the Ras

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