You have started searching for some good business consultants in Dubai for your company registration and business setup in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Even after good preparation for your business setup in Dubai, you may still need more information or help in collecting certain data from the local market. There could be uncertainties about the legal forms of the companies, questions about doing business in Dubai and details about the rules and costs etc. These are only some of the matters that may bother you.

Though you have some basic idea about the market scenario in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), if you are not an expert in business formation procedures, legal requirements, business facilities, costs of business formation and professional services etc, you would need to seek help from business consultants in Dubai who offer professional services.

Why Business Consultants in Dubai?

This is the stage when you start searching for some top business consultants in Dubai to help you with your Dubai business setup. Depending on your requirements of, you could be searching for small business consultant or a large business consultancy firm offering business services in Dubai and other emirates in United Arab Emirates.

It appears that is an easy task. Just run a search on Google, pick up the top 3, 4 or as many as you please and contact them over email or phone. You present your business setup requirements. They are very quick to respond to your queries with immediate solutions, costs and detailed rules. You expect professional services from these business consultancy firm and are likely to pick the solution that promises the lowest cost, the fastest procedure or both. And in no time your business will be up and running or that is what you thought.

Is that all correct? Let’s check some basic facts about the business consultants in Dubai.

Business consultants in Dubai

Why to Choose a Business Setup Consultant in Dubai? Pros and Cons….

Dubai Business setup consultants can help in proper research and analysis

You would need help from good business consultants in Dubai just because of one big reason; most of the Free Zones or business parks in United Arab Emirates, do not give you all the finer details that you may need to estimate the overall capital requirements of business setup and operations. If you are an expert in the region, it is absolutely fine to handle the business formation procedure in Dubai by your own.

But those who have lived in UAE for the most part of their lives still do not have a clear understanding of the legal and commercial aspects of business formation in the country. Lack of a single source of information makes life difficult for a large majority. Professional business consultancy firms in Dubai or a small business consultant can help you with proper research and analysis of data. Business setup including free zone company formation is one of the key business services offered by business consultants in Dubai and elsewhere in United Arab Emirates.

Professional business consultants in Dubai can help you in strategic decision-making

During your business setup process in Dubai, you will have to make a number of strategic decisions. At the company formation stage, all your decisions may seem inconsequential. However, long-term impact of such decisions cannot be ruled out. Such strategic decisions will include, type of your business entity (Free Zone or mainland), type of activity, site, business formation package or customized solutions etc. Your long-term business goals are a key reason in strategic decision-making. So your business setup consultant should deliver proper business management consultancy service and not a basic business setup consultancy service and other business services. But keep an eye on the word “professional” as you cannot expect professional services from all of them.

Dubai business setup consultants can save you money

There are no questions about it. A good business setup consultant can save you significant amount of money in long-term. But the real question is; is your consultant any good in their business services? You can start saving money at an early stage when you select the business consultancy firm in Dubai. Certain business consultants in Dubai employ inexperienced consultants and try to charge their clients based on their reputation. It would be ideal to find a small business consultant who has real and practical experience in various facets of business formation. Another advantage of a small business consultant is that they can offer personalized business services and they are easily accessible.

Dubai business setup consultants can speed up the process of company formation

Business setup consultants in Dubai deal with business formation activities also. So they know the formalities and requirements of business formation.

Top business setup consultants in Dubai can find the suitable site for your proposed business. In our experience, choice of the site is the single most important strategic decision that you would make.

Business Consultants in Dubai. Why not?

Not all business consultants are professionals

Believe it or not – a large majority of the business consultants are just intermediaries. They do not have the necessary ability in various aspects of the business that affect success or failure of the business. We have seen young guys just out of their colleges working as business consultant in Dubai. All that they do is to collect details from various authorities and share it with the clients. They lack the ability and experience in the market to offer professional services to the clients.

Recently, one of the major animation design company from India was advised by a consultant in Dubai to take a general trading license for animation services. The officials got the shock of their lives when we informed them that they cannot carry out animation services with general trading license.

Some business consultants in Dubai mislead clients

Unfortunately this has been a trend practised by some of the biggest business consultancy firms in Dubai. Range of such activities start from simply getting the domain name of a website that resembles to any of the free zone or offshore authorities in UAE to claiming to be the authority it self. A website operated by a leading business consultants in Dubai claims that it is the official website of Free Zones in UAE. In reality, there is no such official website that represent all the Free Zones in UAE.

Another major business consultant in Dubai run a website with a domain name that is the official name of an offshore authority in UAE. Going a step further, they use the name of the government authority as their own identity. We tell all our clients and readers to pay attention to such consultants and stay away from such consultancy firms. Though they are a minority, they do exist and they spoil the reputation of good business consultants in Dubai.

Some business setup consultants are agents for certain Free Zones

This is what we call as conflict of interests. Some Free Zones in UAE sign agreements with business consultants, audit firms and lawyers to be their agents. Such agents receive a commission fee when they bring a client to the Free Zone. In such a scenario, the agent would be keen to register their clients with a Free Zone that offers them commission and not with a Free Zone that may offer a far better proposition to the client but no commission to the business setup consultants. In this case, the very purpose of seeking the services of a business consultant goes wrong.

It is important to highlight that you can register a Free Zone company directly with the authorities. You would need the services of a business consultant in Dubai for services such as research and analysis, location comparison, cost analysis, help with documentation etc. Good business consultants in Dubai would normally show if they are working as agent of any Free Zones in UAE. For a small business consultant it adds value as it gives them more credibility.

On the other hand, it is worth noticing that offshore companies can be registered through official offshore agents only.


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    • Cross Border Business Consultants Reply

      We can suggest you a few methods to check if the consulting company is trustworthy.

      1. Ask questions: You throw all your questions to your potential service provider. If you get genuine and convincing answers for all your questions, it is highly likely that they know what they are doing.

      2. Word of mouth: Listen to what other clients say about the company.

      3. Research: Do your research and see how professional they are. The consultant’s website and blog talk volumes about their professionalism and expertise.

      If you need our recommendation, please contact us 🙂

  2. Indre Reply

    Yes please! I need some recommendations, because every company is stating different thing in regards who we can do business with. Some companies say that with consulting license we really can do business with any company, even outside free zone as long as its not retail and not a private person. other consulting companies are saying it is strictly illegal and you can only do business with companies in a free zone or abroad. And we are talking about the same free zone. You can understand my confusion:)

  3. Indre Reply

    Please, can you contact me via my email. I know I sent you a request on Friday regarding DCW free zone. I did not get any response yet. We are also interested in Hamriyah in Sharjah free zone.

  4. Indre Reply

    Our company experiencing a lot of confusion, because we need a license that we will be able to trade not only in free zone but in the rest of dubai or UAE without establishing a mainland office. Some consultancy companies are stating this is not possible, other consultancy companies saying it is, as long as you do business with companies and not private people or retail. So you can understand our confusion.

    • Cross Border Business Consultants Reply

      Under normal circumstances, Free Zone companies are not allowed to trade in retail. They are allowed to distribute their products through authorised mainland companies only.

      There are, however, exceptions for this general practice. For example, businesses that are part of China Mall in Ajman Free Zone can do business in the retial segment. Dragon Mart in Dubai is another example.

  5. NTES Tech Reply

    Ah, Business consultants – tough time for anyone to select good one that could really help and improve . In start we had the same problem but at last we got much from experience.The Idea behind your business is the most important to start with and then few consultant can do better, there is no proper rule to find perfect one but reviews and a survey may help you to find a suitable one.

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