Dubai Expo 2020 | A Win to Celebrate

Dubai has won the rights to host Expo 2020, the largest event on earth. In an historic moment for Dubai and UAE, Dubai’s bid for Expo 2020 out performed the bids of rival cities such as Ekaterinburg (Russia), q1Izmir (Turkey) and Sao Polo (Brazil). Dubai won the third and final round of voting against Ekaterinburg of Russia. Dubai Expo 2020

Earlier, the first round of the voting gave Dubai a clear lead over the other competing cities. Dubai won 77 votes which accounted for 47.24% of the total votes. Ekaterinburg of Russia also presented a strong show by securing 39 votes or 23.93% of the total votes. Izmir had 20.25% votes while Sao Polo had only 7.98% votes and promptly eliminated from the process.

In the second round Dubai came first again with 87 votes in its favor which accounted for 52.73%of the total votes. Ekaterinburg came in second with 24.85 per cent of the vote.

Izmir (Turkey) got been eliminated after getting 21.82 per cent of the vote.

More about Expo 2020 and the business opportunities it presents in our next posts. Keep watching this space.

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  1. New Year 2020 Reply

    We would like to share our happiness with you too here. We are equally and ecstatically happy about Dubai Expo 2020 and can’t wait for that wonderful event!

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